…those SeXy netbooks!

Computer manufacturers made some interesting announcements this past few weeks at theย  Consumer Electronic Show 2009 in Las Vegas (probably biggest gadget convention in the world).

Some that caught my interest are those SeXy netbooks! These netbooks can be my anywhere-i-go-computer. It can be a good picture viewer / downloader instead of buying those Canon M80, Creative Zen or that expensive Epson P Series picture viewers.

What I like is theย  HP mini 2140 and the Sony Vaio P . The HP 2140 looks to be more practical since it has a 1366 x 768 resolution good enough for simple photo editing.

The gadget lust is attacking again… ๐Ÿ˜€

Gadget lustssss.. 4th quarter

Its October 1 start of 4th quarter of 2008. Its a holiday today Eid’l fitr and was browsing and editing my image files I also have to finish some gear reviews. Ok this is an overload inside my head and my physical prowess so im taking a break posting this gadget lustssss.

I posted earlier this year my gadget lustssss..

Did I surpassed my 2nd quarter gadget lustsss?

Lets see..

Still got no Canon G9ย  – good!

Still got no ipod touch – good!

I skipped the e51 but got an e71 instead ๐Ÿ˜‰

wow 2 over 1.. thats really something hahahah!

Now lets talk about my 4th quarter gadget lustssss!

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Canon EOS 50D


Apple iMac

Hensel portable studio strobes (photo not the exact model ๐Ÿ˜€ )

Well these are the things I need to keep up with my profession, problem now is budgeting. I already pre-ordered the EOS 5D Mark II & EOS 50D. I need to replace my WinPC desktop at my studio (winPC is just so problematic but i have no choice for the meantime). I also need a portable durable battery powered strobes, so i was thingking of the Hensel system.

Big problem is budgeting for these items… I need more shooooooooootssss…

Photos by their respective companies except the 50D




Gadget lustsss.. 2nd quarter 2008

Im having a gadget lust this past few weeks..

This is also the premiere post for the Gadget Lust category, its accompanied with the Why? I think i need / want it.

Heres the links to these lovely gadgets..

Canon G9

Why? – Handy, rangefinder look, 12mp, RAW, for casual snaps

Apple iPod Touch

Why? – My son gonna love watching superman here, good for quickie folio presentaion (cover flow baby!), music to keep me on the mood

Nokia E51i

Why? – Me needs a 2nd phone, HSDPA speeds, modem for my MBP, WIFI, slim

Photos by their respective brands and website