The first EOS 50D in the Philippines!

Canon Marketing Philippines Inc. lend me their pre-production unit of their soon to be released EOS 50D yesterday. This camera  has a 15.1MP sensor and comes with a new tech called “gapless microlens” or “gapless microlenses over each pixel to reduce noise”. This camera is really interesting…  I also asked if i can borrow their EF 300 2.8 L IS to test drive it this weekend and yes it came with the bazooka . I was shooting food yesterday and didnt really enjoyed it much since I need to concentrate on the shoot and used my 5D instead cause i need to shoot RAW and there is no way I can convert 50D’s RAW at this time. Im really excited to play this two very nice combo over the weekend.

First impressions:

  • The LCD looks stunning. This is far the best LCD I’ve seen from Canon’s EOS lineup.
  • Auto ISO – Yeah the Auto ISO that should have been in the 40D
  • Flexible settings with high noise ISO and light optimizer
  • Impressive AF
  • CA mode – Interesting

Thats it for now since i really need to take time and have a good relationship with the camera 😀 “geeking with the toy”

Look for more updates that Il be posting at

Special thanks to John Chua for giving me the first dibs to try out this new camera.

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