Lightroom Camera Calibration (Canon)

I read a great tip from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips website which says that you can now download and use your camera profiles (Picture styles in Canon and different Color modes from Nikon).

Using Canon Picture Styles
Using Canon Picture Styles

Wow it really works even the profiles are in beta. You gotta try it!

FYI you need camera RAW 4.4 to be able to use it.

Download it here

Sheeny, shiny products!

Jayr my assistant preparing the next to photograph
Jayr my assistant preparing the next shiny object

This week Im shooting shiny products, the most challenging product I ever photographed. I successfully eliminated the unwanted reflections and I also created some wanted shadows to put more life to the product. You really need to understand how the light bounces back (angle of incidence) to perfect this shot.

4.5 hours Baguio to Manila via SCTEX

Ok so we went to Baguio last sat Aug 23. Im on experimental that day, I wanted to try the route of SCTEX thru Tarlac hi-way.

sctex tarlac
SCTEX Tarlac
kenon road
Kenon Road

Kenon Road, shooting while driving (kids dont try this at home)

Up north, from Manila (Valenzuela exit) to Baguio City with an average of 80km/h (Kenon Rd & Mc Arthur Hi-way) 100km/h (SCTEX) we were able to reach Baguio at about 5.5hrs with frequent stops and misrouted to the SE of La Paz, TarlacΒ  approximately a total of 1.5 hour.

Going home from Baguio to Valenzuela with same route and average speed we were able to get home for only 4.5hours with just 1 stop at Capas, Tarlac 15mins the most.

It deifnitely short cuted the travel time since you wont be jamming thru the stops and traffic at Luisita, Banban and Mabalacat.

I enjoy this overnight trip specially that im with my beloved ones, the important people in my life. Ohhh did I mentioned I also played with my e71 and GPS while driving? πŸ˜€ I love that phone! Im having fun geeking with it πŸ˜‰

Here one shot taken by my brother!

regie & raffy
Regie & Raffy
weng, raffy & regie
My fam

We are now Cooliris enabled.


Good news to the viewers here! Pinoy Photographer is now Cooliris (formerly PicLens) enabled.

If you haven’t downloaded this plug-in on your Firefox or Safari. Find out more here

cooliris sample

Click on the icon on your browser, normally in the upper right corner. See sample the Cooliris sample icon below.

cooliris icon
cooliris icon


New Canon EOS 50D

Rumors were true that there is EOS 50D model, the successor of the EOS 40D that was announced at about 12 months ago.

Quick specs:

  • 15.1 Megapixels CMOS sensor (APS-C 1.6x FOV)
  • 6.3fps
  • 3.0″ VGA LCD (yes in hi-res)
  • DIGIC IV Processor
  • Picture Styles
  • EOS Integrated Cleaning System
  • Expanded ISO up to 12,800
  • Auto Lighting Optimizer

At $1,399 available October. Probably it will land in the Philippines 2nd week of October.

Exciting! I really like the improved specs. Here we go again? Do I need to upgrade my 30D or not? πŸ˜‰

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