Pinoy Photography offline 2-22-08

Just an update. Dear PiPhoLs, PiPho’s dedicated servers HDD crashed. Pls be patient this will take time. Il update you on this.
Update: 2-23-08

Server has been restored. Confirmed, our dedicated server hard drive failed. This will take time since dumping the big 400mb database is the tricky part. Unfortunately, Im on the road to Baguio for a short vacation. I will attend to this ASAP.

Update: 2-25-08

My uploads didnt work while im in Baguio. Just got back from my trip now im uploading again here at home.

 Update: 2-25-08 4:04am

PIPHO IS BACK! You can now log-in and post. I already restored the database and im still uploading the hefty home directory.

Bayan DSL

Talk about DSL… While on my way to my studio, I saw a vertical banner saying “P899 up to 1280 kbps” a bayan DSL advert that caught my attention.

From BayanDSL website



I was a residential Bayantel DSL subscriber before.. that was 2 years ago.. I was happy for the first 6 months but after that their connection got screwy, I unsubscribed the service and went to PLDT. For about two years now Im very happy with my PLDT DSL at home I only got two downtimes since I switched to them. But lately even in off-peak hours the speed was getting slooow.


Il probably try Bayantel again, Il just apply for an additional DSL to my existing bayantel landline and if it gets satisfactory or even better speeds, goodbye PLDT.


Il give you update because this might be useful for you 😉

Studio speed test…

Last week my phone line at my studio was having a popcorn and fireworks… Its noisy and have static sounds which lead me to the idea of why im getting drops on my DSL connection. I called PLDT to fix it and today is a very good day for my DSL connection.

See the speed improvements below

2/15/08 speed test


1/4/08 speed test

The downstream improved to about 2x… I hope it stays that way.


Last day of Hot Air Balloon Fest

As usual, I spent the last day of Hot Air balloon fest with my family. My sone enjoyed the humongous balloons! Look at him here


 The weather was not really good today, but after the balloons had lift off the venue this unique pattern of the sky caught my attention.


and after a few hours we left and went to Brettos to have our hearty breakfast 😉 Yummy!


at last EOS Utility working with mac and 5d

While i was browsing the net today i remember checking out the canon usa website if they already have an update with their EOS utility software. Well luckily there is and i downloaded EOS utility version 2.2 now i can do tethered shooting via image browser. BTW theres also an update for Digital Photo Professional (DPP) RAW converter from canon. I also tried downloading and playing the picture style editor, looks interesting i actually uploaded a modified landscape picture style. I also updated my 5d’s firmware from 1.0.5 to 1.1.0.Download these updates here 

another 500GB


Yesterday I bought another 500GB worth of storage. I purchased a Western Digital My Book Studio Edition for only P8,800. I think WD have done a good price vs quality here. The casing is made out of plastic but engineered to have a good air flow. I was looking for a 1TB model but I have to trim my budget a bit. So far im happy with it. It comes with todays speedy interfaces, FW 400, FW 800, USB 2.0 and eSata. I was able to squeeze my old files from 1TB to 750GB but Im sure I need another storage in months to come…Yeah it never ends…