Another 2.0 GB Sandisk Extreme III Card

It has arrived.. my new 2gb Sandisk Extreme III CF card. This is my 3rd 2gb sandisk card additional to 4 pcs 2gb 150x Ridata CF’s. Well why I don’t have full confidence with my Ridatas anymore since I’ve hear a lot of horror stories but still I haven’t experienced it with my camera. But im trimming down the possiblities and probably migrate to all the way sandisk very soon.

I find an interesting difference from my old to the new sandisk CF. See below.


Old on the left bought May 2007 from Singapore, new one on the right Aug. 2007 from Hong Kong.

This maybe of help for you. WhatI noticed are 1. The hologram color of the word “extreme” is gold (old), silver (new) same goes with the “ESP technology” plus its new location on the right. Im a little confused about it but I don’t find any resemblance that it is fake (reference here).

BTW Cf cards are now dirt cheap nowadays especially the Ridatas but be careful and take caution because it has incompatibilities on some cameras.

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