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My wife already started again working to their office 2 weeks ago, we are all adjusting waking up earlier, sleep earlier and etc etc.  A big change was for our son Raffy, he used to have his mother beside him all the time. We already got a nanny for him little by little Raffy is starting to like his yaya.We re-opened our Lots A Pizza outlet at Polo Valenzuela it has good signs of good business and I hope sales will go up and up.Meetings this week & photo shoot… I love it.. I love pressure hehehe ;)I would like to congratulate Raymart & Claudine for a successful baby shower which i attended last saturday.  What a lovely family!Raymart showed me the 4d photo of Rodrigo (their upcoming son)  he looked like his father. And also advance congrats because he is going to be a Canon 1d Mark III owner this coming days, one of the few that who will have this new camera from Canon.Yeah baby.. got a new laptop a pre-owned MacBook Pro 2.0ghz core duo, 2gb ram & 100gb HD Thank to John .. ohh i just love mac OS x.. no headaches just focus on work.. im more productive rather format and troubleshoot my windoze PC.I got 2 prospect sites for my studio, site 1 really love it but too far from where i live, site 2  location is nice, rent & accessiblity seems ok but 1 problem is the dimension of the space a little narrow than i need… Its very hard to choose and consider all I need including budget.Surprisingly my pbase gallery still holds a great number of inquiries of my stock photos, i got 2 last week and 1 today… 1 deal is closed and wishing to close the other two… My hardwork and patience is paying good now.Last week i mentioned about my Flickr, i like it a lot the function and nice web 2.0 features. However its a different crowd, different ambiance. I already 1,600 views with 500+ photos as of today not bad but my pbase hits quadruple than that.

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