Hey yah!

Yahyah Hey! ;D wohoo its been a very busy week… just like last week..

Random thoughts….

I got several other inquiries of my services it keeps coming.. Thanks for that, but anyway these inquiries should be turned into a deal so that I’ll be happy 😀

I have been busy shooting, meeting up clients, and other extra errands. Inspite of this all I need to transfer PiPho to a new home, its current server doesnt provide the “services ” I needed. Right now as in this moment of typing this message PiPho is down and probably the domain is bouncing back and forth from the old to the new. I really hope this new server will keep up to my expectations. With these improvements PiPho will be going commercial, I will now charge every post that equals profit like workshops & brand new items of different camera shops and sellers. I hope I can meet the target so that I can start the online photo contest, other expenses like for staff, contributors, hosting and others.  Sighhh until now im still waiting… for the DB extraction from my hosting.. Zzzzz.. and im sleepy..

Yesterday I shot the press kit of Miss Philippines Earth 2007, beautiful Filipinas i must say, Il be posting some photos in the coming days.

Ive been stumbling upon websites, and in case that i dont have latest post here you can see my Stumbled Upon updates on the lower right of the frame, you can see what interests me.

Hmm ano paba? Oh yeah! my baby bor Raffy can say clearly Babye! he can also say Dada & Mama! What a feeling i felt everytime i see him progress. As much as possible I do give him precious quality time together and with my wife, thats really important. Im very happy with my marriage & my family they are my inspirations on what i do 🙂

Im feeling techie/gadget lust again, im lusting for this hsdpa, laptop, lenses etc etc..  I “want” hsdpa capable mobile phone.. i want fisheye, i want new lights, i want new telephoto lens.. it never ends…

Holyweek next week… what are my plans, well honestly it still sketchy. My family will be having bisita iglesia again but i want to shoot the crucifixion in Cutud Pampanga, thursday there is a proposed photo op from PiPho.. Where where baka il just rest na lang and play with Raffy 🙂

Last weeks badminton sport fest was a success! Epson & Canon supported the event together with minor sponsors and we were very happy that participants & guests enjoyed the event. We are looking forward now to the next sportfest probably bowling! Maybe this will be in May.

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