Wohoooo this is my busiest week of this year, meeting shoot, post process, shoot, meeting, post process.. Grr but you know what I LOVE IT! 😉 I have no complains except for that little sleep. Ive been shooting one of the finest hospital here in the Philippines, they are my regular client and surprisingly they are in a row of photo shoot this week up to next week so i have to follow that schedule, I also meet up a possible client that i was refered by a friend of a 4 star hotel for brochure, well i hope that i can get that project because its exciting and not to mention the monetary return i can get.

Since last week ive been meeting up several prospective clients for brochure, posters and stock inquiries.. ohhh im overwhelmed and very thankful for these happenings, i do hope that it will continue. Tomorrow i will have an event shoot at one of the expensive school in the country, a gymnastics sports. A bit challenging because my friend told me that its not well lit, well we see tomorrow the power of EOS 5D and its low noise. To continue further more the Department Of Tourism liked my Tarlac photos and they are considering renting out from me.

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