End of tenure

Last night the Pinoy Photography Organization have a new set of officers for 2007. Im very glad to hand it over to a friend Raffy Yllana which I feel deserving for the position. I will stay as the Chairman and the rest of the founders as board of directors and we will be consulted for major decisions.

The Org was a big part of my life for the past 14 months. Its not easy to handle a forum with more than a two thousand members at the same time handle its core club members and divide also time for work and most important my family. I learned a lot trough the trials and “controversies”. I didnt met all the plans that were planned but Im still proud how the members became my friends, my foe and a fellow club member.

I was offered for a position but I declined because I need more time to focus on my career right now, I guess THIS IS IT.

Congratulations to my fellow PiPhoLs! Continue the visions of the Org!

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Regie Fernando

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