PiPho Bandwidth Exceeded


I didnt expect that it will exceed its normal bandwidth usage per month, its only mid half of the month and already eated a lot of bandwidth. The request of additional bandwidth is taking too long… talk about server support..  Its been 6 hours now and still no action from them. tsk tsk tsk… Im now decided to transfer PiPho to a new server for much better service! Its a good thing I already transferred www.pinoyphotographer.net.

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Regie Fernando

Head creative artist and director at Imagesmith. Founder of Pinoy Photography Org (PiPho). Loves gadgets and tech hence the alt name "tekgik". Interested on techie stuff? follow me on Twitter. Wanna see latest photo / video musings? follow me on Instagram. Wanna hire me? :) inquire at www.imagesmith.ph.