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Learning [basic] Photography Workshop

Feb 13 batch (12 slots) 10% disc until Feb 2

9am to 5pm total 8 hours

Php 2,500.00

March 13 batch (12 slots) 10% disc until Mar 8

9am to 5pm total 8 hours

Php 2,500.00

Hacking [advanced] Photography Workshop

Feb 20 & 21 batch (12 slots) 10% disc until Feb 9

Feb 20 – 9am to 5pm

Feb 21 – 10am to 2pm

Total 12 hrs

Php 4,500.00

March 20 & 21 batch (12 slots) 10% disc until Mar 15

Mar 20 – 9am to 5pm

Mar 21 – 10am to 2pm

Total 12 hrs

Php 4,500.00

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13 thoughts on “Workshop”

  1. Hi – I will be in the Philippines (Manila) in June and July (about three weeks) – I would like to take a basic photography class to learn how to use my camera better, especially with street photography/portraits. I use a Rolleiflex 3.5 Automat – 120 film – so I do not really want to attend the DSLR classes that are commonly offered. Any ideas where I could take a class like that, and how long/cost of a course?

    THanks – Michael

  2. Hi Michael, I don’t know any class that offers or specifically teach the type of photography you want. In my class I only teach pure digital and I just inject some technological advances from the transition from film to digital.

  3. Sir, would like to inquire if you have a schedule this july or maybe in august, tnbx

  4. sir, would like to inquire if you have schedule early next year. i don’t have slr camera yet, but planning to buy nikon D3000 this xmas. would you recommend d3000, d60 or any w/ almost same price/

  5. Yes im actually thinking of making lighting workshops too. But as of now no sched yet. Give me your email so that i can update you.

  6. I’ll be in the Phils on June 6 to july 28.. pls email me when will be your schedule then………. tnx

  7. Hi Reggie,

    Ariel here, i wanted to post thisat pipho and other site, how to go about this?

    Re: Again, B/W film developing and printing tutorials this coming May 8, 2010

    Same rules applies!
    > Black and White Film Developing and Printing Tutorial
    > Type: Education – Workshop
    > Date: Saturday, May 8, 2010
    > Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm
    > Location: Blumentritt, Sampaloc, Manila
    > Description
    > Calling all photography enthusiasts! Go back and learn the basics of manual
    film developing. Enjoy the process of printing your own negatives and be
    enthralled by the magic of manual film developing.
    > Join the Black / White Film Developing and Printing Tutorial and learn to
    develop your own film and print your own photographs. This one-day tutorial
    assures you that at the end of the workshop, you’ll go home with your own
    processed negatives and printed black and white photos.
    > Attendees need to bring at least 2 exposed rolls but not yet develop black and
    white films ( 135’s or 120’s ). Limited number of participants per session may
    be accommodated to assure a one-on-one tutorial session.
    > Venue: Blumenttrit St., Sampaloc, Manila.
    > Contact Ariel Tresvalles at altaroflion@… for more information. Please write
    the heading: Black and White Film Tutorial
    > Ariel Tresvalles
    > Marketing Services Manager
    > Fujifilm / YKL Color Inc
    > #24 Sto. Domingo St.,
    > Brgy. Sienna, Quezon City

  8. i would like to ask for a schedule of workshops? i wanna learn a lot in photography. thanks

  9. hi i would like to enroll in a basic photography workshop do u have a sched now or soon? thanks

  10. I’m the site editor of benzruizphotography. Do you have seminar schedules here in Negros Occidental? Thanks! You have a great site.