Yay a busy month!

Busy bee this month, my sched is really tight! i had some event, industrial, portrait, food and fashion shoots this July! Plus the workshops! I need to grab theses opportunities since these are all coming to me. I also think that I need an extra manpower in my studio. I hired an extra driver slash assistant to some of my shoots. 

Thanks to my family who continues to give me inspirations!


Yo its ma bday! 😀

Im getting old, another year marked as birthday. What goes on my birthday? We will hear a mass later, will have some dinner with my family. I actually dont have any birthday wish since I have good life, im blessed with a loving wife, cute and adorable son, a happy marriage and a promising career. All I ask probably is to keep this going. And more more projects so that I can save up money 😀

Oh before I forget… I want a 1DS Mark III 😉