4 days with Lightroom 2.0.. not beta

If you havent seen / heard of it. Lightroom 2.0 is now finished with its beta stage and Adobe is now selling the final version of the software. Luckily adobe provides a 30 days fully functional trial version of LR 2.0.I already used it in two projects, two event photography coverage 1 is coroporate and 1 personal.

I must say that the new improvements are very useful specially the brush exposure +/-. Im still fiddling with its new added feats. I also like the saturation brush. Some noticeble UI improvements in the grid folders views. Speed wise, theres a little to noticed and Adobe still didnt add an option for bumping up RAM or CPU power. Im still dissappointed with the watermarking feature which is the most useful export feature i always used.

Yeah.. so heres some screenshot with the color desaturation technique


Download the 30 days trial here