Kids at play

For the recent months I’ve been in hiatus of posting photos on the web. I’ve been busy with all-things-life. Or an excuse that I’m about to bite the so called “Photo Blues”. Haven’t had any self satisfying photos lately. I meant a different one that I haven’t done before.

Last friday my wife and my sister-in-law had this sudden thought of “beacheneering” (thanks to my client who introduced me to this word :D) They chose Iba Zambales.

I’ve been to this place almost 2 years ago . I was very satisfied on what i’ve taken back to that day (see here). Last Saturday was a bit different, the skim borders wasn’t  there and only a number young kids who jumps over the water are there blissfully enjoying their childhood giving their every strength to jump and tumble over that body of water .

Here’s something different, a little related to the style I’ve created 2 years ago but this is far more dynamic and have some active strong emotions of the “Kids at play”.

Complete gallery here