May 2009 Photography Workshops.. Done

June is fast approaching. I scheduled two wroskhops this May and all successfully done. Now finding schedules for June & July.

Our group hugs


Learning Photography Workshop – May 16, 2009

Hacking Photography Workshop – May 19-21 2009

PC Shopper Featurette

Last January I had an interview from a tech magazine, PC Shopper IT lifestyle mag. I was featured in their feature article “Through the lens of a camera” side by side with a good friend Jo Avila.

It’s only P80 and if you have the chance pls buy one. Theres a lot of good gadget review inside. 😉

digital tear sheet here.


..from hibernation


Wow its exactly 1 month since i posted something here… Ive been very busy with all the things… family, work and everything i need to do.

Just to have gist on something ive been doin.. I was busy with some fine art projects lately, printing fine art photographs! Had some corporate shoots, portraits and food this past few weeks. Ive gone to Panagbenga with my family but not to shoot it but to enjoy the cool climate with my love ones. Im also busy with my sons school activities and other things to address his needs. And more more more.. It was a pretty fast month! Pure of busi/y ness..

More posts to come.

Another Panasonic LX3 Firmware 1/15/2009


From the Panasonic Lumix LX3 Firmware download page

Sorry, This download site is temporally closed due to Next version of firmware, It is scheduled on Jan/15th/2009.
Sorry for this inconvenience.

It will probably try to solve (again) the AWB problem plaguing the LX3. Hope im right!  :/

The Live View and 2 sec. timer

regie_fernando-1030193The Live View of this 21mp monster is a joy to use. The simulation exposure and quick mode AF of the 5D Mark II are some of the very practical feats that need to maximized with this cam, I don’t need to stoop-bend-etc just to compose a shot. Moreover the 10x up to 15x focus check feature is a heaven sent for the non-perfect 20 / 20 eyed photographer. Hi-res and 920 dots LCD you say? Canon made this even better with their new anti-reflective technology and an inteliigent atuo brightness feature. I noticed these nifty features when I reviewed the EOS 50D last spetember, I can say now that their Live View functions are very identical.

The Live View will have its use for the style of photography (ehem videography) I do, In fact I already did with that “Mimosa overnight sensation” trip.. Video coming soon (im still reading the Final Cut Express tutorial)!

What about the 2 seconds timer? I purposely left my shutter release. But I know that it is a primary consideration that you should not use the cameras shutter button on a tripod if you are below the minimum acceptable speed, but it came out pretty handy, 1-1000.. 2-1000 then you I have my shot..

These are the nice things that Canon should have done 3 years ago 🙂