Bye 2008! Welcome 2009!

img_4204That was fast! 2008 is almost over it was a great year for me, it opened a lot of new opportunities the workshops and etc. I must say that it is the most notable year for my photography career to date. Every year is different but 2008 was better in terms of income. I had acquired a number of additional gears and equipment this year and I don’t see it stopping next year this job is very demanding i need to competitive and to be one in-line at the top. Im still very happy with this job “best job in the world” when your passion is your work, you wont notice that you are working, it is both work & hobby at the same time. I still want to diversify and master other genres, thats the exciting thing about it,  you never stop learning and honing your skills.

While 2008 was healthy I can see that 2009 could be a little bit difficult for all of us because of this global economic crisis. Im ready, we are ready, Filipinos are ready for it, we are always in a econimic crisis anyway so nothing will be different. But I agree companies will cut back and will make every possible cost cutting to reduce expenses. Commercial photography will be one to be greatly hit im sure, in fact I had a client who backed-out for a shoot because of these reasons.

Personal life has been great also, our family is lovingly strong as ever. Im proud to say that im a very focused dad and husband I see to it that i give quality time to my family. This year my son started going to pre-school, its really exciting proud dad as always!

I would like to thank everyone; clients, friends and family who believed in me. Happy new year!

Photo above was taken at the World Pyro Olympics 2006

Von voyage my brother!

Heres my brother Rommel & his wife Len (together with their consultant Alvin on center) ready to go inside the airport this morning. They will study and will take their chances in London. We already missed these two crazy-jolly persons, we are used to be with them wherever we eat, shop & travel in the world. We are actually quite hesitant now in pursuing our Batanes trip without them. It seems hard to accept the reality and we will always remember our good times together. We never expected that this will happen sooner than we thought.

Well we know that they will survive together, whatever challenges they may encounter.

“Uy namiss namin kayo agad, kung nababasa nyo to”

Next year we will visit you there bro & sis ! Lets photograph the whole London & the rest of Europe 😉