64GB memory cards

regie_fernando-1030308This is not good. As I’ve said digital is not cheap especially if its in your line of work. Recently i bought 2 pcs of 16GB CF cards, Its a Sandisk Extreme III compact flash cards capable of writing 30mb/s. This is in conjunction with my new venture in HD video recording with the Canon 5D Mark II.¬† I now have a total of 64GB memory that I spread to all of my three camera bags for emergency.

BTW I still have those 256MB cards at home just for keeps ūüėČ

2.3 terabytes.. not enough

I now have a total of 2.3 TB external storage.

2 pcs 1TB Western Digital My Book Studio

1pc 320GB 2.5″ Western Digital Passport.

Amazingly enough is not enough. I need to buy another one probably this coming month in preparation for my pre-ordered EOS 50D (15MP) and EOS 5D Mark II (21MP). These two storage monster will be eating a lot of my existing storage. Again digital photography is not cheap, so for the starting professional photographers out there, charge appropirately  this is often overlooked when costing out total investment.

I probably need to buy something like this.

Photo from Western Digital website