February & March Photography Workshops Schedules

Here’s my Feburary and March Learning and Hacking Photography Workshops scheds


March 2010 workshops was moved see below

Learning [basic] Photography Workshop

Feb 13 batch (12 slots) 10% disc until Feb 2

9am to 5pm total 8 hours

Php 2,500.00

March 13 batch (12 slots) 10% disc until Mar 8

9am to 5pm total 8 hours

Php 2,500.00

Hacking [advanced] Photography Workshop

Feb 20 & 21 batch (12 slots) 10% disc until Feb 9

Feb 20 – 9am to 5pm

Feb 21 – 10am to 2pm

Total 12 hrs

Php 4,500.00

March 20 & 21 batch (12 slots) 10% disc until Mar 15

Mar 20 – 9am to 5pm

Mar 21 – 10am to 2pm

Total 12 hrs

Php 4,500.00

For complete information kindly visit www.hackingphotographyworkshop.com website

The Last Sunset and Moonrise of 2009 (Philippines)

(Click for larger version)

New year’s eve, my son and I went to our roof deck to see the amazing view of the sunset west side of our home. It looked like the sun is peeking and very embarassed from what had happened this year. The whole world suffered from the economic turmoil, disasters hit the earth especially my beloved country.

Goodbye 2009! …farewell

(Click for larger version)

Looking back on the east side, a very rounded moon surprised our sight. A beautiful scene that reminds me that there will be bad times and of course good times and I honestly feel it for the upcoming year 2010. It will be great! I already have so many plans for 2010. Im skipping the usual and I don’t want to do a new year’s resolutions list anymore since it’s not effective, at least for me.

Welcome 2010! more surprises coming soon…

Wishing you all the best this new year and new decade (2010)

Hacking Photography April 27-29 Students Outputs

Photos taken by my students from the last Hacking Photography Workshop April 27 – 29 2009

Raymart Santiago

Reily Santiago

Kaye Ponce


Raymart Santiago

Reily Santiago

Kaye Ponce

Will add more once I received photos from the others

The complete gallery is here

PiPho Org Photo Exhibit “Something Nature” at Manila Ocean Park

I’m inviting you to visit our club’s photo exhibit PiPho Org  Photo Exhibit “Something Nature” at Concourse Plaza, Manila Ocean Park.


Pinoy Photography Organization, or PiPho, is one of the country’s top photography clubs. Established in 2005, the club was formed by a group of friends who all share the same passion in photography, and formed Pipho Org, with the philosophy, “To Learn, Share and Enliven Your Passion.” What was once a handful of amateur photographers, in 4 years, has grown into a photography club with over 50 members, consisting of both professionals and serious hobbyists, each having a style of his own. Pipho boasts of a diverse pool of talented members, of different specialties and fields in photography, who never ceases wanting to learn, and who are always willing to share, and encouraging each other, to keep the passion for photography alive.

Something Nature, is PiPho’s take on how they see nature. Having photographs taken from different parts of the country and different parts of the world, the club’s main goal is to showcase the natural beauty that is all around us.

“1 minute drive” video

An hour drive time lapsed to “1 minute drive” on my way home. You’ll see EDSA and NLEX here in this video.

The video is composed of 1,046 still images of Canon EOS 5D Mark II @ iso 6400 mounted with EF 24-70 f 2.8 L lens @ 24 mm.

IS wins..

I sold my Sigma 70-200 f2.8 lens last week. I have no telephoto lens to use and was really contemplating on what lens to get. Canon 70-200 f2.8 L or 70-200 f2.8 L IS? With all that research and sleepless nights I bought a new one last Monday, the Canon EF 70-200 f2.8 L IS version. I closed my eyes signed the check and bought the lens…Whoa! Goodbye good earned moolah!

Well, the Sigma served me well! Very well! It is true that its not the equipment nor the technology but after using this bazooka lens, I kinda disagree. This lens is a remarkable one, it is sharp at f2.8 wide end (70mm) and especially on the long end (200mm). The Image Stabilizer really helps and it will give you sharper images. The output photos are more punchier because of the better contrast from its glass. And yo-yeah its Bokehlicious among the Canon 70-200 family. Almost No CA (Chromatic Aberration). These are the image characteristics that I’ve been longing from my Sigma since 2003.

Watch out for my Miss Earth 2008 press presentation pics soon. Images are from the lovely 70-200 2.8 IS without PP only cropping on some.

Thanks to Jan Tan of JT Photo World for reserving me the last one.

4 architectural locations

Just finished shooting 4 locations today all architectural shots.. wheww we were given a good weather until the rain poured in the afternoon at the last location. We will manipulate the clouds for that one. Sorry can’t show you the photos, lets just say it is 3 of the known mall within the metro and one old condo-office in Makati. 😉

We almost had a problem with one of the location since we dont have permit, I rarely seldomly do this but we have no choice.. I always demand my clients to secure a permit for smooth workflow of photo shooting. I can’t concentrate when you know that someone will grab you and say “Sir bawal po yan”.