Sheeny, shiny products!

Jayr my assistant preparing the next to photograph
Jayr my assistant preparing the next shiny object

This week Im shooting shiny products, the most challenging product I ever photographed. I successfully eliminated the unwanted reflections and I also created some wanted shadows to put more life to the product. You really need to understand how the light bounces back (angle of incidence) to perfect this shot.

make simple things >>> interesting

Today I shot the second batch of my current project for a metal company. I started yesterday with those huge-heavy pipes and flanges. Its really challenging, it took me 2 hours to establish the light that i think will make these simple things interesting.

Heres one beauty shot of the 2nd batch.

4 lights system with white board as fill, amber gel fitted on one strobe.

Canon EOS 5D with EF 100mm f2.8 Macro