Regie Fernando

Remegio Casem Fernando a.k.a. Regie (tekgik), born on June 18, year of the horse. A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Architecture and has a 2 year degree course in Construcion Supervision at the University of Santo Tomas. He practiced his knowledge in Architecture for 2 years as a contractor & designer of one of the leading pizza franchise chain in the country.

Back in 2001 he got his first digital camera Regie discovered a new passion in taking pictures. Regie build up his knowledge by reading books and online articles about photography. In 2003, he jumped seriously to photography by traveling and engaging himself to different outdoor activities that expresses his vision as a lensman. Regie sold and published his first photo for Hitachi’s 2004 Calendar. From there on he specialized and loved travel photography which composes of landscapes, portraits and festivals. It was just a beginning after he had his first stint in selling stock photos, different bureaus continued discovering the inviting travel photographs of Regie. He sold myriad numbers of stock photos for local & international magazines one to be included is Philippine Airline’s Mabuhay Magazine. It’s not only the travel magazines that you can expect to see Regie’s work you will also see his imagery on STI’s 2006 & 2007 Calendar and several more desktop calendar and planner. It didn’t stop there, in 2005 an advertising agency found his website and rent out a temporary rights for advertising campaign of Security Bank.

Regie is a generous type; he shares his knowledge and resources to fellow photographers and friends. Last 2005 was the year he founded an online community forum for Philippine Photographers which is now the biggest and successful web community for Pinoy Photographers around the globe. The online community have a core group which is the Pinoy Photography Organization that he is currently the President. The year 2005 was also the year of doing something new, Carousel Productions the organizer of Miss Earth Beauty Pageant gave him the opportunity to do portraiture and glamour, he photographed the most beautiful women of this world, he combined his forte in sceneries with the portraits of those stunning women to create exquisite portraiture.

The biggest year to stamp on Regie’s career highlights was 2006. Canon Marketing Philippines Inc. defined him as one of the Masters of Digital Imaging, Canon find his talents and skills to be credible as an endorser of their latest digital SLR camera. He was also featured in Manila Bulletins Picture Perfect. It was the last quarter of 2006 when he totally focused on photography and making it his full time work. At the present time Regie regularly do commissioned shoots to companies like St. Luke’s Medical Center and various agencies. Despite of the heavy schedule Regie continues to do travel photography and continues in capturing the captivating sceneries and colorful festivals whenever he can, this is to fulfill his dream to photographed all the best places & culture in this world.



Founding Chairman & Former President Pinoy Photography Organization (PiPho Org)

Founder and Owner of (PiPho)

Canon EOS Club


“Master of Digital Imaging” Canon Marketing Philippines Inc, Camera Review for launching and exhibit, The Loft Rockwell, September 2006

1st place “Lupang Hinirang” Pinoy Photography Organization MPC June 2006

4th place Float Parade Sinulog 2006

7th place R. Hidalgo Photo contest 2006

4th place “Kitchen Art” Pinoy Photography Organization MPC July 2006

Finalist FPPF June Photoworldcup 2006

Finalist FPPF October Photoworldcup 2006

Published works:

Pilipinas 2.0 magazine 2004

Hitachi Calendar 2005

Mabuhay Magazine June 2005

STI Calendar 2006

Real Living magazine 2005

Seventeen magazine 2004

Carousel Productions Calendar 2005 & 2006

Phil. Daily Inquirer 2006

STI Calendar 2007

New Plastimate 2007 Calendar

Commercial Clients:

St Luke’s Medical Center

PLW Inc. Advertising

Whimsical Bags

LRI Business Plaza


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