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  1. hi there, my name is andrew lim, but you can call me andy. Been wondering, how can i join the pinoy photographer organization? currently im in london, and been taking photos since birth 🙂 i was raise and born in philippines with 100% chinese blood, but pinoy in heart! i have some sample shots from my website and bought my frist DSLR 7 months ago, eos 30D. Would like to contribute and build my own portfolio as well, for iam very interested to join the Pinoy community overseas! Thank you… MISS YOU MANILA!

  2. Hi. I have the same question as wickedone. My username in phipho is brothermoe. Is the forum fully online yet? Thanks.

  3. Hello Regie:kabayan,

    Nice website and organization you have here. Just saw it.
    I’m living here in The Netherlands as Filipina expat, can I join your group? If yes, how?
    I’m very much interested in photography and would like to post some pics and join the forum.
    I’ll appreciate it very much if you can send me the info.
    Have a nice day! Ingat and God bless…

    Best regards,

  4. Hi Sir Regie,

    Sir I’m Geebee aka geebee_aperturista(pipho).. Sir, I’m also an events organizer and we have been producing gigs around the metro. I have an idea of an event, we’re still working on it and I would like to ask for your help. I would like to talk to you about this personally or through e-mail. I can’t write the details here and on the forums, I will be sending you and e-mail on the account stated on this site.

    Hoping for your response.

    Thank you.


  5. I tried signing up but was rejected due to email address being a spam.
    I’ve been using that email for years. How do I go about this?

    Thank you…

  6. Hello po pede po makisali sa group? newbie lang po.. taga angel islington london po ako.. thanks 🙂 nice exposures btw 🙂

  7. hi, i work for quezon city hall under the office of the mayor. may i ask for your mailing address? we were going to send an invitation for the KM1 project (it’s the continuation of last year’s KM0). i believe you were also invited last year to this exhibit by the French Embassy and the QC Government. thanks!