1Ds MKII is here…

img_9592.jpgWell yes I already got the loan unit of Canon EOS 1Ds MKII, the reigning full frame top of the line camera from Canon it comes with the 16.7 million effective pixels… What more can you ask for? Il be having a hands on preview of this beast! We may call it a “post-launch review” 😀 maybe the title works, well anyway I took advantage of it since Il be waiting for the new Canon EOS 1D MKIII so i can make comparison together with all Canon’s DSLR lineup.

First love never dies? Ahhh let us see! Im going to stroll this baby this weekend to one of the famous travel spot here in the Philippines… Watch out for it!

My wife is the one holding the half-a-million camera. She doesn’t like the idea of me liking it 😀