That Sunday!

regie_fernando-6649That Sunday December 28, 2008

That Sunday we went to Monasterio De Tarlac, Lubigan Tarlac

That Sunday I shot some nice brown landscape

That Sunday was an eye opener (for some personal reasons)

That Sunday I found some new techniques in shooting and post processing

That Sunday I fell in love with new lenses

Here are some photos That Sunday!

Lightroom 2.x runs on 64-bit mode

screencap_20090102_1In case you don’t know (cause I dont), Adobe Lightroom 2.0 runs on 64 bit mode natively in OS X. I was fiddling with my apps folder and was curious about what i saw (see left photo) . So i checked out and confirmed it is running on 64-bit mode

See Adobe’s feature highlights below

Top new features

  • Local adjustment brush
  • Enhanced organizational tools
  • Volume management
  • Extensible architecture
  • Revolutionary DSLR profiling
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Flexible print package functionality
  • Streamlined Photoshop CS3 integration
  • Enhanced output sharpening
  • 64-bit support for Windows® and Mac OS

And so if your LR is not permforming optimally try ticking that check box “open in 32 bit mode” (see photo above) this might solve your speed issues.

4 days with Lightroom 2.0.. not beta

If you havent seen / heard of it. Lightroom 2.0 is now finished with its beta stage and Adobe is now selling the final version of the software. Luckily adobe provides a 30 days fully functional trial version of LR 2.0.I already used it in two projects, two event photography coverage 1 is coroporate and 1 personal.

I must say that the new improvements are very useful specially the brush exposure +/-. Im still fiddling with its new added feats. I also like the saturation brush. Some noticeble UI improvements in the grid folders views. Speed wise, theres a little to noticed and Adobe still didnt add an option for bumping up RAM or CPU power. Im still dissappointed with the watermarking feature which is the most useful export feature i always used.

Yeah.. so heres some screenshot with the color desaturation technique


Download the 30 days trial here


Selective Coloring

A PiPhoL posted a question about how to make selective coloring. I answered his query and that post gives me an idea of doing this particular photo in selective color

manila cathedral



Steps in selective color in photoshop

1. Copy layer (ctrl+j)
2. Go to top layer
3. Open hue & saturation (ctrl+u) and put the saturation to 0 (to the left)
4. Select background layer
5. Pick eraser tool (ctrl+e)
6. Pick brush (b)
7. Choose rounded brush adjust by right cliking or ([ or ])
8. Adjust hardness to suit usage

9. Erase the area of the tshirt
10. Flatten then save
11. Voila you now have a selective color photo

Easiest but tricky method is Selective Color