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my love of my life… 


was taken last sunday at SM Mall of Asia.Good bokeh hehehe. BTW I also love using the EOS 5d in ISO 1600 fitted with EF 50mm f1.4 prime lens. hahaha too much love  So when is the the Canon EOS 5d Mark II coming? ;)  (surely my wife will hate me) :D  

Back from Singapore

Im already missing Singapore! I was back last wednesday evening with my family. We were very impressed how clean, organized and picturesque this little country has. Unhappily I got overcast & rainy days and wasnt able to capture nice day shots.

Anyway Im prepared about it since it was raining in Manila when we depart here. I just enjoyed the trip with my family especially with my wife & son.

Although it didnt gave me nice sunny blue skies. I was able to have a very clear evening skies on the first day where  I did my night walk nightscape.





Some more to be posted soon

Creative Light Avenue II

Last year I posted the Creative Light Avenue Part I Two days ago I ride on my brothers car (actually its a van) Im at the last seat of it together with my son Raffy and i just thought of doing it again, it was a good timing that I brought my camera together with the 50mm prime lens. So here it is my second rendition of lighting streaks from different streets and avenue of Ortigas to Makati.

Heres one photo


Visit the set on my flickr



You must love…Caylabne

Caylabne at Ternate Cavite is a great place to unwind! The surprising cliff view at the gate will welcome you with full awe of gratification of nature. I just wish that they maintain the facilities more better then add some. I didn’t have an idea that you can see Corregidor Island north west  side of the bay. My son enjoyed swimming on the china sea but regretably he has fever now. The whole family enjoyed it together with my in-laws!

Some “unreal” photos together with real ones 😉

















How to shoot Aurora Borealis

Last week I Stumbled Upon a website by Norio Matsumoto and found out his patience and the adventures shooting the Northern Lights. Im now very interested on getting an opportunity to do that, some say it can be seen at Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. After searching out google, I bumped into this website and they have am article hot to shoot Aurora Borealis