Miss Earth 2009


All geared up for Miss Earth 2009 Beauty Pageant. The pageant will be held at Eco Village Boracay. This is my official return to Boracay after 7 years I’m expecting a lot of change. Let’s see….

If  you want live updates follow me here www.tekgik.com/twitter this is where I tweet (micro blog) now. Well anyway you can still see my tweet stream at the upper right column of this page. Ciao!

BTW sorry for the shot, it’s just from the iPhoney 😉

Yay a busy month!

Busy bee this month, my sched is really tight! i had some event, industrial, portrait, food and fashion shoots this July! Plus the workshops! I need to grab theses opportunities since these are all coming to me. I also think that I need an extra manpower in my studio. I hired an extra driver slash assistant to some of my shoots. 

Thanks to my family who continues to give me inspirations!

Last day of Hot Air Balloon Fest

As usual, I spent the last day of Hot Air balloon fest with my family. My sone enjoyed the humongous balloons! Look at him here


 The weather was not really good today, but after the balloons had lift off the venue this unique pattern of the sky caught my attention.


and after a few hours we left and went to Brettos to have our hearty breakfast 😉 Yummy!