The Last Sunset and Moonrise of 2009 (Philippines)

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New year’s eve, my son and I went to our roof deck to see the amazing view of the sunset west side of our home. It looked like the sun is peeking and very embarassed from what had happened this year. The whole world suffered from the economic turmoil, disasters hit the earth especially my beloved country.

Goodbye 2009! …farewell

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Looking back on the east side, a very rounded moon surprised our sight. A beautiful scene that reminds me that there will be bad times and of course good times and I honestly feel it for the upcoming year 2010. It will be great! I already have so many plans for 2010. Im skipping the usual and I don’t want to do a new year’s resolutions list anymore since it’s not effective, at least for me.

Welcome 2010! more surprises coming soon…

Wishing you all the best this new year and new decade (2010)

Miss Earth 2009


All geared up for Miss Earth 2009 Beauty Pageant. The pageant will be held at Eco Village Boracay. This is my official return to Boracay after 7 years I’m expecting a lot of change. Let’s see….

If  you want live updates follow me here this is where I tweet (micro blog) now. Well anyway you can still see my tweet stream at the upper right column of this page. Ciao!

BTW sorry for the shot, it’s just from the iPhoney 😉

Bisita Iglesia 2008

Yearly “Panata” My last years post Week after Holy WeekThis year, we started in Valenzuela and end the 14th station at Bustos, Bulacan.  Pictures from each station. 


1st & 2nd station – Parish of the Risen Lord, Dalandanan Valenzuela City  



3rd & 4th station –  St. Francis of Assisi, Meycauayan, Bulacan



5th & 6th station – Divine Mercy, Marilao Bulacan



7th & 8th station – Barasoain Church, Malolos Bulacan



9th & 10th station – San Isidro Labrador, Pulilan Bulacan



11th & 12th station – San Agustin, Baliwag Bulacan



13th & 14th station – Sto. Nino, Bustos Bulacan