Mindanao.. 2nd time

Next week Im flying to Mindanao to shoot a plant for a client. I love this type of project since im always excited doing travel / landscape photography. But anyway this is categorized as a Industrial Photography! Il be gone for 3 days and my wife is already begging me to bring her a “Pinakurat” search it so you’ll have an idea where im going šŸ˜‰

It will be my second time going to Mindanao but this time it will be on the southern part.

Yay a busy month!

Busy bee this month, my sched is really tight! i had some event, industrial, portrait, food and fashion shoots this July! Plus the workshops! I need to grab thesesĀ opportunitiesĀ since these are all coming to me. I also think that I need an extra manpower in my studio. I hired an extra driver slash assistant to some of my shoots.Ā 

Thanks to my family who continues to give me inspirations!

make simple things >>> interesting

Today I shot the second batch of my current project for a metal company. I started yesterday with those huge-heavy pipes and flanges. Its really challenging, it took me 2 hours to establish the light that i think will make these simple things interesting.

Heres one beauty shot of the 2nd batch.

4 lights system with white board as fill, amber gel fitted on one strobe.

Canon EOS 5D with EF 100mm f2.8 Macro