Aerial Videography and Photography – Dronetography is the Future!

I’ve been doing commercial photography for more than 10 years now. When I’ve gone full time in 2007 and put up my photography studio Imagesmith I never thought I’d be doing video. In 2008 Canon released a full-frame DSLR which is capable of shooting 1080p videos. From then on we acquired additional bodies that shoot video, we also invested on motion sliders and jib cranes for that cinematic effect.

About 2-3 years ago, the aerial drone quadrocopters craze was born, from the china made ones to the reliable Dji brand. I almost invested on the Dji Inspire 1 which is fantastically looking drone, the Phantom models are less to be desired back then because of its crippled features to complete the FPV rig. During those times, I was really tempted to invest in but my tech-geek instincts said the current tech is expensive for what you get and anyway our clients are willing to rent helicopters and planes.

Forward to June 2015, I got the Phantom 3 Professional by Dji it is one of the few Phantom 3 units to arrive in the Philippines. The technology it has and price are perfect! Perfect timing so I had no excuses.

Its good to feel like a newbie again! I’ve never been too excited on a workhorse equipment since my first DSLR.  During these past 3 weeks I’m getting better and better on flying the drone, I now understand its limitations and shortcomings so thats why I need to fly more and augment that. I’m now mastering the different moves (cinematic moves) that we can use at work. I just got the 2 extra batteries and now I can fly this for more than an hour.

I have used it several times already for work and practice. I’ve shot these aerial footages during a recent project in several locations in Quezon City while shooting the “100 Things To Do in Quezon City” coffee table book and during the pre-nuptial photo and video shoot in Anilao Batangas.

The weather is pretty bad right these past few days, unpredictable, hazy and windy. But once it clears up I will continue playing this exciting new work toy.

Watch the video in Full HD to see how crisp and detail the footages are, it was taken in 4K UHD and downsampled to 1080p. It is ungraded and didn’t fix shaky shots because there was nothing to fix. I’m really stoked and excited on what this thing can do. Industrial, real estate, travel and of course architectural photography and videography or even just flying it.

Architectural Photography

Large version here

The iconic Ayala Tower 1 designed by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, LLP and Leandro V. Locsin & Partners

Large version here

Large version here

I studied Architecture, I practiced construction for 2 years. Our family is in the business of construction. Since the time I made photography my full time career the first two big clients I had is in the manufacturing industry. For the past 3 months almost all of my major shoots are in the real estate and resort – hotel business. Since I shot mostly their interior and exterior designs it was so time consuming straighten up the converging vertical lines, it also came to a point that one of my client saw a degradation of the corner frames due to stretched pixels. A little tip regarding perspective,  in architectural drawings vertical lines are drawn straight, vanishing points should be in the right directions also. These are the things a photographic image should replicate from a drawing. It came to my idea that investing an architectural lens can lessen my post-production time and provide me a great level of adjustments with minimal image quality loss.

The Canon 17mm TS-e Tilt-Shift lens came along. It is one of the finest if not the best architectural lens today. It is the sharpest and “contrastiest” among the lenses that I have now. The well built heavy lens comes with a hefty price tag at $2,7xx or P130,000 in pesosesoses. I have been using it for alsmot 3 weeks now and I can tell you that, its all worth it!

With this lens and a new style set of post-production I’m doing, I think this will give more value to my client to have the best image possible.

I simply enjoy every frame I take it with it now, my dream to be a fully pledged Architect might be diverted to be the best architectural photographer out there. Anyone can dream right? 😉

Ok so i’ll probably stop my hands typing and show you what the lens can do. Take note that these shots are composed of 6 or more exposures to produce a High Dynamic Range, I don’t like HDR-Halo type of images (personal preference) so theres a another step I’ve done here to make it less prevalent and make it as natural as possible. These are post-processed in LR3 and PSCS5 workflow.

These shots were taken from a walkabout shoot in Makati yesterday part of the “I heART Makati, I love the Philippines. I love being free” event going on.

Here’s the beautiful RCBC Plaza designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, LLP, in cooperation with local architectural firm W.V. Coscolluela & Associates

No More Divisions by Julien Drolon – Music Video


I just wanna share this music video we did last last week. This is where my 2 HD DSLR heated up. We shot this with 2x Canon 7D in Full HD 24p and some with Canon 5D Mark II Full HD in 30p. All raw footages just edited for arrangement.


Composed & Performed by Julien Drolon
Arranged, Produced & mixed by Jimmy Antiporda
Guitars by Noel Mendez
Mix & mastered at MUSIC MASTER STUDIO

Music Video Credits:
Directed by Jimmy Antiporda
Assistant Direction & Cinematography by Regie “Tekgik” Fernando
Concept & script by Julien Drolon
Edited by Jimmy Antiporda
Production House: JAM Creations
Shot on Canon 7D

Vocals & Guitar – Julien Drolon
Elec Guitar – Noel Mendez
Bass – Lito Planes
Drums – Paolo Lapresca
Children of Childhope Asia Philippines
Random Pinoys

Pull Over Photography

Baguio’s Panagbenga 2010 last weekend, though we did not plan to go there we have decided to rest and breathe the cool air of Baguio since we have an errand in Tubao La Union. As always my camera is ready to shoot something interesting while burning rubber on the hi-way.

And yet again, I present you some new shots of my “Pull Over Photography”

February & March Photography Workshops Schedules

Here’s my Feburary and March Learning and Hacking Photography Workshops scheds


March 2010 workshops was moved see below

Learning [basic] Photography Workshop

Feb 13 batch (12 slots) 10% disc until Feb 2

9am to 5pm total 8 hours

Php 2,500.00

March 13 batch (12 slots) 10% disc until Mar 8

9am to 5pm total 8 hours

Php 2,500.00

Hacking [advanced] Photography Workshop

Feb 20 & 21 batch (12 slots) 10% disc until Feb 9

Feb 20 – 9am to 5pm

Feb 21 – 10am to 2pm

Total 12 hrs

Php 4,500.00

March 20 & 21 batch (12 slots) 10% disc until Mar 15

Mar 20 – 9am to 5pm

Mar 21 – 10am to 2pm

Total 12 hrs

Php 4,500.00

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