Potipot Island, Zambales Philippines

This is our 2nd day of “Beacheneering”  last weekend, destination Potipot Island. The Island is nearly located at Uacon, Candelaria Zambales. This small Island is surrounded by fine white sands with amazingly clear waters. I can say that it is the 4th best beach that I’ve been in the Philippines. Aside from it’s paradise like beauty, it is conveniently only 4 hours away from Manila and above that, you only need to travel 5 minutes boat ride coming from the mainland. We chose the resort Beach haus ni Doc which was recommended by my brother-in-law.

See some of the shots I took.

The complete gallery here

Kids at play

For the recent months I’ve been in hiatus of posting photos on the web. I’ve been busy with all-things-life. Or an excuse that I’m about to bite the so called “Photo Blues”. Haven’t had any self satisfying photos lately. I meant a different one that I haven’t done before.

Last friday my wife and my sister-in-law had this sudden thought of “beacheneering” (thanks to my client who introduced me to this word :D) They chose Iba Zambales.

I’ve been to this place almost 2 years ago . I was very satisfied on what i’ve taken back to that day (see here). Last Saturday was a bit different, the skim borders wasn’t  there and only a number young kids who jumps over the water are there blissfully enjoying their childhood giving their every strength to jump and tumble over that body of water .

Here’s something different, a little related to the style I’ve created 2 years ago but this is far more dynamic and have some active strong emotions of the “Kids at play”.

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