PiPho Org 4th Anniversary Exhibit “Right Time, Right Place.”

Our Club, PiPho Org, will be having another group exhibit this June 26, the exact date when I put up the website www.pinoyphotography.org . The exhibit was led by Dave Deluria current president of the Org, a good friend of mine. The photos are printed on canvass by Gallery 7 who we’ve partnered with together with Eastwood Mall .

We picked the photos that were voted by all the members of the Org, it came to my surprise that my favorite “Luna” photo was voted as 2nd. The 1st, 2nd to 3rd photos will be printed on 26in x 40in rough canvass. I’m pretty excited on how it will look with that textured media. My “Luna” photo is an edition piece this will be the 3rd edition to sell. I’m excited for all us.

Opening ceremonies will start June 26 at 7:00pm. See you there!

Here’s some more details I extracted from PiPho.

PiPho 4th Anniversary Exhibit “Right Time, Right Place”

Right Time. Right Place.

It is not simply enough we go to remote distance locations that God has graciously provided these lands but in order to reveal it’s true majesty one has to experience it just as the first or last rays of light illuminate them.

Landscape Photography is the art of expressing the beauty of the natural world in a way that may or may not be conventional. In the eyes of a photographer the light as it illuminates or de-illuminates provides a wealth of means to both appreciate and express our creativity.

These are a collection of our best work from our best men and women over the years. It represents the beauty of our lands and what makes the Philippines one of the best places to be as a Photographer.

June 26 to June 30 at the Atrium Eastwood Mall, Libis, Quezon City Philippines

and works will be exhibited in Gallery 7 Eastwood and Shangrila

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