Do you Facebook?

facebook_logo If not yet, then you should! Its 2009 and in this age of time you should not be left out in any technological shift. Facebook is taking on the world. I know for a fact that Filipinos are all over Friendster and Multiply, but you know what my fellow Pinoys, these two social networking site is only popular here in the Philippines. Facebook is known all over the world and it is now one of the tech giants on earth.

Lately, Facebook abruptly changed their TOS (Terms of Service) from the unfair one to the not-so-unfair one.. Well google it, many have published their thoughts against it. Just last week, FB rolled out the new home page interface which many people didnt like. I for one is on the odd side, I like it more now, because its live streaming is like Twitter. I can now see all the updates of my friends in real time.

Thats it for facebook for now, i hope Mark Zuckerberg will see this and give me slash of his pie he has now. 😉

BTW I put my Facebook widget on the upper right part of the home page so you can see my microblogging status there!

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