Regie Fernando – Industrial Photographer!

I do love landscape, I also like taking portraits and doing fine art photos… Although I noticed some trending on my shoots lately.. most of my frequent big clients are from the Industrial Industry, ie. factories, plants, shipping, metals, construction, mining and etc. My clients mostly use it for brochure, calendar, annual reports and exhibits. I have a pending two projects Industrial shoots again, this month alone.

Im not complaining I actually love doing it and wanting more of this! I love the adventures.

Heres a shot of me by Melvin (my assistant) from our shoot last month in Palawan for a big mining company, we did aerial, architecture, portraits and documentary. The shoot lasted for 3 days. I love my job and the type of professional photography im doing, its not always out-of-the-box types of subjects. These are my interest! Its very diversified im learning and discovering something new each and every project.

If you shoot with your interest it will show in your photos.

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Regie Fernando

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