Bayan DSL

Talk about DSL… While on my way to my studio, I saw a vertical banner saying “P899 up to 1280 kbps” a bayan DSL advert that caught my attention.

From BayanDSL website



I was a residential Bayantel DSL subscriber before.. that was 2 years ago.. I was happy for the first 6 months but after that their connection got screwy, I unsubscribed the service and went to PLDT. For about two years now Im very happy with my PLDT DSL at home I only got two downtimes since I switched to them. But lately even in off-peak hours the speed was getting slooow.


Il probably try Bayantel again, Il just apply for an additional DSL to my existing bayantel landline and if it gets satisfactory or even better speeds, goodbye PLDT.


Il give you update because this might be useful for you 😉

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