Blessing in disguise

Yesterday I went to shoot the 12th hot air balloon fiesta with PiPho friends. After the balloon prep (torch testing and inflation), a co-PiPhoL Ton S (Terence) approached me if i wanted to ride a balloon? At first, i was thinking if he was joking but when approached the biggest balloon of the day which is the Lindstrand the octupus shaped balloon he is not kidding. The chase crew which was his good friend said there is a big chance of being a passenger. After the Lindstrand had completely erected I was asked to jumped in and it all happened so fast I was overwhelmed of what happened.

So why Terence gave his slot to me? Well unfortunately he is going for work and he might be late for that. Terence yo the man! Thanks

My 12th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta photos

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