Singapore shopping

I have no big targets for shopping in Singapore. (Wala na pera) hahaha..

Im just eyeing for a sandisk firewire reader, filter & belt case from Lowepro. Successfully I brought home what im looking for.

Lowepro utility case

It can fit an external flash on the 2nd front zipper. And two small to medium sized lens at the last zipper. It can be attached with any belt because it has double velcro attachments for safety. You can also use it as a shoulder bag because it came with a strap that you can hook on the slip lock. I love th design very simple yet rugged.

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 SanDisk Extreme FireWire Reader

I was looking for this in Manila for quite sometime now. I needed a faster read/write reader since sometimes I fill up all my cards which now is 14GB in total. I already have the sandisk 12in1 USB 2.0 reader but I was intrigued if this firewire version can give me better speed. By specs USB 2.0 is faster than firewire 400. But now that I have both it appears that firewire is faster than USB 2.0 I guess because of firewire’s (less) lossless nature. Very true with HDD external enclosure.

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Cokin NDG (ND8) Filter



 I already have the NDG ND4 graduated filter which i oftenly used in my “unreal” shots. Seomtimes i needed more stops so I bought the +3 stops NDG.

(Graphics from

What more? I really wanted to buy the Canon G9 pero buti nalang hindi 😀

Back from Singapore

Im already missing Singapore! I was back last wednesday evening with my family. We were very impressed how clean, organized and picturesque this little country has. Unhappily I got overcast & rainy days and wasnt able to capture nice day shots.

Anyway Im prepared about it since it was raining in Manila when we depart here. I just enjoyed the trip with my family especially with my wife & son.

Although it didnt gave me nice sunny blue skies. I was able to have a very clear evening skies on the first day where  I did my night walk nightscape.





Some more to be posted soon

Travel to Singapore

We are off to Singapore next week, Il be with my family and family friends. We are very excited for our son Raffy because he loves “Ewrrplane” (airplane) he’s into toys and movie clips with airplanes. Raffy’s first flight was last years travel to Hong Kong, 2nd was Bohol and next week is his third time. Im a very excited Dad 😉

This will be a nightscape / urbanscape galore or shopping galore? Nahhh I must resist 😀
Il share you my stock shots, as always “Pray for great weather”

Miss Earth 2007… The Crown holders

Time of the year… The most beautiful woman of the earth. These was taken at the penthouse of Trader’s Hotel Manila.


Miss Earth

Jessica Trisko of Canada



Miss Earth – Air

Pooja Chitgopeker of India



Miss Earth – Water

Silvana Santaella Arellano of Venezuela



Miss Earth – Fire

Angela Gomez of Spain


Two words……… Beautiful ladies 😉

Industrial photography

I love photographing ALL. I mean all subjects from simple office paper clip, up to the wide variety and complex nature of a factory. I’ve been shooting 2 weeks straight on an industrial project, their factory, products and talents for their brochure and website. Its really challenging because of the schedule, the on-site factors especially the heat and noise levels. We have finished the two parts and im very much confident to say the client was very happy! Of course Im flattered and felt Im worth his money and time. The concept is away from the usual brochure, It has a “lifestyle” “simple-deep-meaning” concept… Sorry i cant describe in words. Anyway Its very much good to work with a creative director with the same vision. We are all happy 😉

Right now while typing this, Im on a Tug Boat project in Subic. But too bad Im just here inside the hotel because of silly weather.We are hoping for a good weather tomorrow. Im waking up before 6am to catch good light. This project is for calendar,brochure & website.

Unfortunately I can’t share the photos I took since these projects are not yet finish. Instead, Il be sharing you some of my side-shooting photos while I do the actual project and scouting for sites.







regie_fernando_bt-8986.jpg   regie_fernando_bt-9023.jpg  regie_fernando_bt-8979.jpg regie_fernando_bt-8990.jpg   regie_fernando_bt-9005.jpg