Last night at the Canon EOS 40D launch

Its official 40D is now available on Philippine market. I really love to get one but the problem is il be using the money for additional studio equipment :/ Anyway I was brave enough to answer one of the first questions last night. The question was what is the meaning of EOS? I answered Electronic Optical System… errrr WRONG! It should be Electro Optical System.. hehehe stupid Regie  😀

Images last night taken by my 5D and 50mm f1.4


 my friend Johann holding the monster camera EOS 1ds Mark III…


The lovely model Lou


The traditional PiPho “group hug” with Canon PH big boss


The 40d is now available for P62,950.

1ds Mark III SRP will be around P440,000 WOW


PS. We were lucky last night to try the half a million 22 megapixel camera. I slapped my CF and shoot and now the problem is I don’t have any RAW converter compatible with the new .CR2 file. :/

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