PiPho still down.. official statement from me

www.pinoyphotography.org is still down after i put it offline last 9:00am Aug. 25, 2007. The transfer started late in the afternoon of Saturday because of the slow response of the new hosting (not enough manpower on weekends they say) anyway I waited long hours so officially sunday morning they transferred all the files and all DB’s I requested them to do transfer because a 240mb DB is no a joke to handle together with the 100mb + forum files. So early morning Monday its online I was able to post some, but around 9:00am it went down and off again at first i thought it was only that the DNS  is still propagating but it seemed that there was something wrong with the domain settings that my hosting gave me. And right now i contacted yahoo domains to enable me to make new private name servers but the  yahoo domain said they reply an average of 24 hours. Oh yes this is not easy, PiPho is my everyday online life together with all who awaits its rebirth.

For the PiPhoLs who reads this pls be patient and it will be back soon. I apologize for any inconveniences I know that its part of your daily routine to visit and post at PiPho. Dont worry all posts are intact.



Regie “tekgik” Fernando

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Regie Fernando

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