The Alphabet Project

eggward (Edward in real world) my co-PiPho have this bright idea a fun photo assignment “The Alphabet Project” heres the excerpt.

“Hello forum members! Here’s a simple project for us. This project was inspired by and the difference will be that this one is a collaborative effort.”


1. 26 letters = 26 forum members. Sign up and indicate the letter you want to photograph. dimension: 100 X 100 pixels

2. The images will be emailed to me ( chua.edward[at]gmail ) and I will be creating the collage.

3. The collage will be the only image displayed in this project thread.

4. The collage will be regularly updated as the images are submitted.

5. Deadline is JULY 26 (thursday)

I took the letter Ñ as my assignment and obviously my submission is late.. silly me 🙁



Sorry for the poor quality photo but hey theres the Ñ 😉

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