Nokia E61i love affair… a tiny review

Its almost 2 weeks now since i had the wonderphone Nokia E61i. Here are some notes, observations and techie affair with this phone.

“A tiny review”
Bought it for P19,300 Silicon Valley Trinoma. Migrated my treo addressbook, datebook by enabling iSync conduit inside palm’s hotsync. And then i downloaded the required plugins for iSync and i already have my entire contacts & calendar on my e61i. I exported palms memo via blutooth, i just saved it as 1 loooong text file.

My next step was install cross-platform appz iSilo & splash id. Unfortunately theres no Butler for symbian os. Searched and installed essential appz like Dictionary (freeware), autolock for keypad (freeware), Gmail mobile app (freeware). Ive been using palm version of docs to go and again there is no version specifically for s60 3rd ed. symbian so opted for the quickoffice bundled with e61i. Stumbled upon and installed mac_intosh theme.

Setting the internet connectivity was no brainer, inserted my globe sim and it detected all the settings. Even my home wifi worked with the phone out of the box. Surprisingly there is a strong 3g signal here in my area but im not really excited about it since i have wifi at home and yes it is expensive.

After 3 days I completely migrated from treo 650 to nokia e61i.

Now some random differences and observations.

Aesthetics & Built

  • Hard to handhold, a little wide for my hands
  • Thinnest phone i ever had
  • The chrome plated back panel looks good, but it is slippery and can easily be scratched. Of course being shiny and smooth its a finger print haven.
  • Tactile feedback of the buttons on the treo 650 are much better
  • It looks like a calculator (LOL) but i love it, its different and it catches attention 😀


  • Its a phone with PDA functions. Its the other way around on the treo. So in reality treo wins with its built in PIM appz
  • Connectivity: 3g and Wifi are just great! I can browse the internet and check email wherever and whenever i am at decent speed.
  • QWERTY thumboard works ok, but im still learning the new layout of numeric keys and some other special characters
  • iSync works with it, as well as the Nokia Media Transfer (iTunes & iPhoto integration software)
  • The built in image browser really lacks appeal to me, it doesnt have a grid thumbnail options
  • Web Browser is interestingly better than the browser you see on Palm OS, it has mini map and it renders different web standards but not all again still better than (Blazer) Palm’s web browser
  • Speaker is decent enough for music, treo’s is better. Phone is not for music anyway.
  • 2mp camera is ok, shutter lag is bad you’ll be disappointed. But i have a real camera to use, so it serves it purpose to me which is “emergency” photo taking


  • With all its features and functions, battery power is one the E61i’s strengths. It lasts 2.5 days straight wifi on, bluetooth on with an average of 2 hours WiFi browsing (per day), played with it for a total of 4 hours and so (per day) and probably total of 1 hour of voice calls its really not bad actually its pretty impressive. With WiFI scan off, bluetooth of and with same usage as above it reaches up to 4 days.
  • Charges 1.5 to 2 hours

Overall im very satisfied with it, its truly a remarkable smartphone. Nokia have done a very good job on this phone not to mention it is not as pricey like its competitors. I think Palm and Access needs some catching up to do with todays technology.

Next adventure: I wanted to try VoIP, PTT, and MailForExchange and probably BB connect lets see.. Let me try calling Steve Jobs when will be the iPhone’s arrival here in the Philippines or maybe a call on Chuck Westfall when will be the Canon EOS 5D’s successors release. 😀

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