Collective Administration of Visual Arts in the Philippines Seminar

I attended a seminar yesterday at Hotel Intercontinental about Collective Administration of Visual Arts in the Philippines, the seminar was headed by the Intelectual Property Office (IPO) and The International Confederation of Authors and Composers Societies (CISAC). Its was very enlightening, i mean there was an abundance of informations regarding copyrights, protecting your art, your work, resale rights, awareness and etc. Fortunately photography is considered visual arts, and we raised our voices on our grievances when it relates to payments, rampant stealing of photos by big companies and publications and the overall current situation. I was surprised though that when i brought up stock photography IPO officers seemed never heard of it? There were 5 amongst who represents the photographers, one to mention is Mrs Harvey Chua the wife of advertising photographer John Chua im glad that she was around, she was the only one I knew in the room personally. It was a productive day, they tackled the on going problems and loopholes to our IP code which is really i think should be amended into todays application. I hope that this start will help current and future generations of professional photographers the rightful rights and respect on our work. Let us see, im into it and im willing to help to put this into reality, the IPO needs help and the photography industry needs strength, full power and unity to make this happen.

Thanks to Mark for giving me heads up on this!

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