Which phone to get?

My Palm treo 650 is dying… well yes literally! It hanged and resets very often. Everytime I send SMS it goes straight to soft resetting itself. Its very frustrating because my smartphone is very important to me addresses, datebook, schedules, offline browsing, photos, memos, todos and others tuffs. Its probably the device that i can’t live without. Been thinking, planning, researching which phone to get?
Which phone to get? 

Its really a bad timing since im preapairing for a budget for backup camera, additional lights, lenses allocation for my “upcoming” studio.. I was hoping that my treo would last until the iPhone arrives here in the Philippines.

What are my choices?


Nokia e61i 

Sony Ericcson k810i


Palm treo 680 

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Decision maker

Because im tekgik “techgeek” , “techie” Im leaning towards a phone that can do complex work for me. While i like my lifestyle to be  simple, i love gadgets that can make my technical libido spiced up everytime i use it.

Here are some tech specs /features i need:

  • Microsoft Office integration
  • Voice recorder
  • Internet browsing
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Email
  • iSilo (Offline Browser) Capable
  • PIM (Contacts, Memo & ToDo)
  • Apple iSync Compatibility
  • Hi-res screen
  • Camera – crappy cam will do
  • Long battery life
  • Voice & Signal robustness

The k810i is on my list because of its simplicity and i thought of going for two devices (again) since my treo’s PIM function is working, but il go back to the reason why i dumped my PDA almost three years ago. Ive gone for a convergence phone like a treo 650 because i dont want to lug too many gadgets with me.  So the k810i is crossed out for now on.

Treo 680, the successor of my treo. Although i wont be having a problem with all the apps i bought for Palm OS i feel that i want something new and im a bit hesitant on the 680 because of very incremental upgrade from its predecessor. It doesnt have a wifi, no 3G radio. Its very treo 650ish aside from its physical difference. It wont give me brand new obsession. 😉

Nokia e61i, while im a Nokia owner for the past 5 years, i really dont like their mobile phones since the start of their colored ones. I think SE phones are much better, intuatively and aesthetically. Though i hate their simple mobile phones, their ala smartphones or communicators (as they call it) grabbed my attention. Ive been following some forum threads and review of the new e61i. Aside from the bulleted list specs that i need probably the biggest decision maker for me would be the wifi, this  and this . I need wifi since our home is equipped with one and im always in the location where this wireless protocol is available, probably i wont mind the EDGE speed since HSDPA service is flaky anyway. Im a hardcore user of iSilo if you have not tried it, try it. Ive saved hundreds of websites including photography tips with this app. I also use it as an offline browser i update at about 30 wesbites everyday and if theres no internet connection and i need to update my self for current tech, lifestyle & news this is what i tinker.

Palm has been my PDA choice since i started using one, ive used the first compaq iPaq h3650 which didnt last for a year in my hands and i wont go back with windows mobile. But with Palms less innovation nowadays makes hardcore-die-hard palm afficionados like wants to try something new and I guess the Nokia e61i will be my next smartphone until the iPhone comes out here.

Bottom line this is another “gastos”

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