Flu and Climate change

The Global Warming is getting seriously bad and yes it hit us, me and my wife have a flu since sunday and its getting worst.  I do hope that we get well ASAP, we dont want our son to get sick and we also have works to do.

I also heard from the news that theres a shortage of water supply on our rice lands, the weather is so unpredictable considering it supposed be rainy season right now.



Have you heard of such lens? I have and Im probably who has one 😀 Of course that was pun intended.

Last saturday when we had our macro shoot at QCMC I discovered that my EF 17-40 f4L lens zoom doesn’t work at all, its zoom ring is loose and theres something rattling inside the lens. Fortunately I have no scheduled paid shoot so i brought it to Canon yesterday and I also left my 5D for cleaning. I was hoping to get my 5d yesterday but there seems to be a problem with my low pass filter, when the technician was swiping it there was this sticky thing that spread to the top of the sensor when he showed me it I felt anxious but I believe in Canon service so Rommel (technician) told me to give him another day. So just this morning he personally called me and confidently said my lens and camera is ready. Thats great service! But anyway Il have to check it first if it live to my expectations. Il post an update.

Probably the P&S cam I’ve been waiting for

Dpreview has just posted an announcement of the new FujiFilm’s F50fd a digital compact camera which is the successor of the famous F30.

The F30 is known of delivering clean high ISO images. I has an amazing technology with its CCD sensor and processor. I wont elaborate much about its tech and just list here what i like about the F50fd.

The reason why?

  • Clean high ISO
  • Accepts SD cards (unlike the F30)
  • Has Aperture & Shutter speed settings
  • 30FPS video
  • good battery life (from specs)
  • whopping 12megapixels

I do hope it can live with my expectations. It will roll out this coming September.

Ehem anyone from Fuji YKL Philippines needs a hands on review? 😉

The Alphabet Project

eggward (Edward in real world) my co-PiPho have this bright idea a fun photo assignment “The Alphabet Project” heres the excerpt.

“Hello forum members! Here’s a simple project for us. This project was inspired by http://www.pbase.com/abbarich/the_alphabet and the difference will be that this one is a collaborative effort.”


1. 26 letters = 26 forum members. Sign up and indicate the letter you want to photograph. dimension: 100 X 100 pixels

2. The images will be emailed to me ( chua.edward[at]gmail ) and I will be creating the collage.

3. The collage will be the only image displayed in this project thread.

4. The collage will be regularly updated as the images are submitted.

5. Deadline is JULY 26 (thursday)

I took the letter Ñ as my assignment and obviously my submission is late.. silly me 🙁



Sorry for the poor quality photo but hey theres the Ñ 😉