Horse Race at Sta. Ana, Manila

The last day of testing of EOS 1d Mark III… I called up my friend Raffy Yllana if he can get us in any horse race track i told him im a little frustrated on looking for sporting event since im not very satisfied with last sunday’s Padyak Pinoy race. I felt im not making the Mark III’s worth. Luckily i know Raffy that have great connection to anything we were able to go and shoot inside Sta. Ana race track (the old race track). First time to enter into this kind of track, first time also to shoot this kind of event. One of the unique places to photograph, we requested if can also shoot at the stable and the jockeys.



The rain poured hard as if theres no stopping. But the race must go on. See below





 The Mark III showed its power. At 10 FPS and fast AF handled the fast horses very well. I pushed its ISO to 3200 and results was fantastic. Il mirror my final review here.

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Hectic week after week. a roundup.. random kaBlog

My wife already started again working to their office 2 weeks ago, we are all adjusting waking up earlier, sleep earlier and etc etc.  A big change was for our son Raffy, he used to have his mother beside him all the time. We already got a nanny for him little by little Raffy is starting to like his yaya.We re-opened our Lots A Pizza outlet at Polo Valenzuela it has good signs of good business and I hope sales will go up and up.Meetings this week & photo shoot… I love it.. I love pressure hehehe ;)I would like to congratulate Raymart & Claudine for a successful baby shower which i attended last saturday.  What a lovely family!Raymart showed me the 4d photo of Rodrigo (their upcoming son)  he looked like his father. And also advance congrats because he is going to be a Canon 1d Mark III owner this coming days, one of the few that who will have this new camera from Canon.Yeah baby.. got a new laptop a pre-owned MacBook Pro 2.0ghz core duo, 2gb ram & 100gb HD Thank to John .. ohh i just love mac OS x.. no headaches just focus on work.. im more productive rather format and troubleshoot my windoze PC.I got 2 prospect sites for my studio, site 1 really love it but too far from where i live, site 2  location is nice, rent & accessiblity seems ok but 1 problem is the dimension of the space a little narrow than i need… Its very hard to choose and consider all I need including budget.Surprisingly my pbase gallery still holds a great number of inquiries of my stock photos, i got 2 last week and 1 today… 1 deal is closed and wishing to close the other two… My hardwork and patience is paying good now.Last week i mentioned about my Flickr, i like it a lot the function and nice web 2.0 features. However its a different crowd, different ambiance. I already 1,600 views with 500+ photos as of today not bad but my pbase hits quadruple than that.

And I joned Flickr

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Pahiyas Today!

We are going to Pahiyas at Lucban Quezon today… I should be sleeping now and I need to wake up 3:00am … geez! Il update you with colorful photos!