Whenever Im free I make it to a point that i give quality time to my family specailly to my son Raffy. Last week we visited SM MOA we just thought of going there because of the scorching heat. Raffy loves to ride on those P60 pesos carousel ride inside SM’s with( yes with ‘s) because he rides a lot wheneve he sees one. I called my brother to accompany Raffy inside the carousel because I brought my camera to take some precious snaps of him. After some window shopping of my wife, mother & sis-in-law we look for another place that will surely enjoys Raffy’s wild & crazy imagination (mana kay dada). And then we saw Kids Republic on the 2nd level of SM MOA, nice place but IMHO Active Fun at Hobbies of Asia is far better .

Childhood is very important, we want to give our son the best attention he should have and I know during those times me and my wife will cherish it forever.




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