Week after Holy Week

What did you do during holy week? did you go to your favorite beach or did you do some enlightenment to yourself? Me I just did our yearly “panata”, Bisita Iglesia, Karo at Baliwag and prayed for forgiveness. We did our Bisita Iglesia in Bulacan, we started here in Valenzuela and we end it at Bustos, Bulacan. Theres always a photo opportunity for me or should I say im doing my own “Photo Op” ok to say it more clearly, I meant I plan ahead and squeeze it to whatever agenda I do.What im trying to say?… I know that our last stop is at Bustos, Bulacan my wife’s family’s rest house is here, my in-laws was there to spend the Holy Weekend. After the 14th station at Bustos I told my companions that i will drove by to Bustos Dam, fortunately my wife, mother & lola together with my makulit son wanted to come along and see how the dam & riceland at Bustos looks now.I wanted to catch the sunset at the dam, but sadly the sun went down on the far west and leaving me no hues of golden hour.So what did i do? I shot several slow shutter “unreal” images at the dam and capture all the churches and all the greeneris i can record thru my camera. (see below)So again? how did you spend your holy week? Here are what I did from my Holy Thursday

img_5787.jpgBustos Dam


Farmland at Bustos going to Daily Bread


St. Augustine Church Baliwag Bulacan

img_5751.jpgHog Farm


Framing the tree


Where Jesus lies (Divine Mercy Marilao ,Bulacan)

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