9th Tour of the Fireflies

Did you know that because of pollution the fireflies had fled away from the city? I was there at the tour of the fireflies last sunday to shoot the 4000+ bikers to make a stand to stop pollution. I wouldnt think that it can be stopped but at least it can be lessen. We need Gas, Oil and stuff to run electricity, our cars and other necessary needs to have a modern life. Hmmm but yeah its a good move for clean air act in fact im planning to join them next year. I had so much fun shooting last sunday, i saw and met several PiphoLs there.


This is the first time ive seen bikers by this large numbers. But what caught my attention was this group of “lowrider bikers” yes a lowrider bike that looooksssss so cool! Way cool!




Another thing that gave my photographic libido a yum yum was my favorite slow synchro techniques… hahah (see below ).  I shot at full wide zoom on my EOS 5d and switch my 550ex to slow synchro.. I played around 1/25s. Was all shot at Ayala Avenue.







Well i hope that me and my son can join them next year… 🙂


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