Beautiful Pinay

I had a pictorial of Miss Philippines – Earth 2007 candidates early this month. One of the beautiful candidate Miss Jean Harn.



Il upload some more soon..


BTW I used the Canon EF 100mm Macro f2.8 on this one. Click on the photo to see the detail.


UPDATE 4/27/07

Additional photos of Jean






There are rumors…

There are rumors floating around that blank blank blank, blank the blank that the blank is blank… OMG some useless post anyway im just getting tired of people who just make “rumors” as their career. I wont tell yah what it is, but yeah lets just talk photography!

Apple OS Leopard delayed!

Apple OS leopard delayed! It seems theres no sense on waiting for the next gen OS of Apple until June, it was delayed from June to October apple reasoned out iPhone as priority. Well good for me at least i wont be thinking of getting a brand spankin new laptop.  We’ll im really pissed of my winPC desktop, remember that i newly upgraded it and now my old 512mb RAM just got busted. Talk about budget… grrrr

Transportshow 2007

This is the time of the year for events like this, last month was the Motor Show and then a numerous races at Batangas and Subic race tracks. I really didnt plan going to the transportshow but i was invited to go to an Exhibit of a friend Ross Capili famous Painter+Photographer+Digital Artist. And coincidentally there are some thought in my mind going there to shoot for something new inside the show. Since i start started photography, i always go to this kind of show but eventually after seeing/shooting same kind of subjects year after year i was tired and decided “Its enough” and after several years.. here i go again..

Transportshow 2007 @Mega Trade Hall, Mandaluyong City










More to follow…


Whenever Im free I make it to a point that i give quality time to my family specailly to my son Raffy. Last week we visited SM MOA we just thought of going there because of the scorching heat. Raffy loves to ride on those P60 pesos carousel ride inside SM’s with( yes with ‘s) because he rides a lot wheneve he sees one. I called my brother to accompany Raffy inside the carousel because I brought my camera to take some precious snaps of him. After some window shopping of my wife, mother & sis-in-law we look for another place that will surely enjoys Raffy’s wild & crazy imagination (mana kay dada). And then we saw Kids Republic on the 2nd level of SM MOA, nice place but IMHO Active Fun at Hobbies of Asia is far better .

Childhood is very important, we want to give our son the best attention he should have and I know during those times me and my wife will cherish it forever.




9th Tour of the Fireflies

Did you know that because of pollution the fireflies had fled away from the city? I was there at the tour of the fireflies last sunday to shoot the 4000+ bikers to make a stand to stop pollution. I wouldnt think that it can be stopped but at least it can be lessen. We need Gas, Oil and stuff to run electricity, our cars and other necessary needs to have a modern life. Hmmm but yeah its a good move for clean air act in fact im planning to join them next year. I had so much fun shooting last sunday, i saw and met several PiphoLs there.


This is the first time ive seen bikers by this large numbers. But what caught my attention was this group of “lowrider bikers” yes a lowrider bike that looooksssss so cool! Way cool!




Another thing that gave my photographic libido a yum yum was my favorite slow synchro techniques… hahah (see below ).  I shot at full wide zoom on my EOS 5d and switch my 550ex to slow synchro.. I played around 1/25s. Was all shot at Ayala Avenue.







Well i hope that me and my son can join them next year… 🙂


Week after Holy Week

What did you do during holy week? did you go to your favorite beach or did you do some enlightenment to yourself? Me I just did our yearly “panata”, Bisita Iglesia, Karo at Baliwag and prayed for forgiveness. We did our Bisita Iglesia in Bulacan, we started here in Valenzuela and we end it at Bustos, Bulacan. Theres always a photo opportunity for me or should I say im doing my own “Photo Op” ok to say it more clearly, I meant I plan ahead and squeeze it to whatever agenda I do.What im trying to say?… I know that our last stop is at Bustos, Bulacan my wife’s family’s rest house is here, my in-laws was there to spend the Holy Weekend. After the 14th station at Bustos I told my companions that i will drove by to Bustos Dam, fortunately my wife, mother & lola together with my makulit son wanted to come along and see how the dam & riceland at Bustos looks now.I wanted to catch the sunset at the dam, but sadly the sun went down on the far west and leaving me no hues of golden hour.So what did i do? I shot several slow shutter “unreal” images at the dam and capture all the churches and all the greeneris i can record thru my camera. (see below)So again? how did you spend your holy week? Here are what I did from my Holy Thursday

img_5787.jpgBustos Dam


Farmland at Bustos going to Daily Bread


St. Augustine Church Baliwag Bulacan

img_5751.jpgHog Farm


Framing the tree


Where Jesus lies (Divine Mercy Marilao ,Bulacan)