Isdaan at Gerona Tarlac

On our way back home to Manila from Panagbenga Festival last February, we decided to try out the floating restaurant at Gerona Tarlac,  called “Isdaan”. This unique “kainan” have massive statues that was inspired by Thai Buddha’s, it also have giant Koi’s, nippa huts and exciting games. The place is really unique, you’ll enjoy it with your family.

See some photos I took at Isdaan.





One of the main attraction is this… the smashing of anger on the wall by throwing plates, mugs and all things that are fragile including television. You must concentrate in doing this then throw and shout your anger!… *&%$#@*#($*&%^@ something like that 😀



This is one of the buddha… arghhh nevermind the model it just me 🙂



You can see the complete gallery here at


Ohhhh before I forgot the food is good!

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