Cebu Sinulog 2007

Its a tiring weekend last week. Its a good thing that I have a photo buddy with me Larry my uncle. We arrived friday at Cebu and gone straight to register to Sinulog Foundation for the photo contest. After that we followed the procession and shoot the Festical queen that night. We were invited by my friend Marlvin to see the Cebu skyline but never had the time because the Festival Queen finished late.

January 21, the day of the grand parade (mardi gras) we ate our breakfast past 7am then shoot the prep on the Mango Ave. I took many shots of candids, candids of contingents. Then slowly proceeded to Avellana Sports Complex to take some action there. We exited near emall and found out that theres a huge shade there. We wandered that street and took early lunch. After the lunch that was the start of never ending walk from complex to Avellana.

Monday last day at Cebu,  I expected to shoot some nice sunrise at Fernan bridge but again never had time and was very tired of sudays grand parade. Goot thing i was able to show Larry the taoist temple and some historical places inside Cebu City.

Id like to share photos to you!

Cebu Sinulog 2007!

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