Sinulog 2007

Its almost a year since I heard the song “Pit senyor.. Pit senyor” from the Sinulog tunes and now 2 weeks from this blog entry Il be hearing it again. Im now all set for Sinulog 2007, Cebu! The best festival I’ve been to. Full of colors, energy and happy emotions. Il be joining the photo contest again this year, I was 4th placer (Float Division) last year, lets see what I can bag this time but Its ok if cant make it il be there for the festivities anyway and the fun of picture taking. My family wont join me this time but Im with a fellow photographer Uncle Larry which is one to be considered my barkada since childhood and he is just starting out with his new found hobby.
Special thanks to my fellow PiPho Cebu based forumer Marlvin who made the reservation for our Hotel.

My post Sinulog entry last year.
Last year photo.

I caught a child peeking on the window of carozza while I walk my way to the stadium.

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